Pointe Claire Village to have a Barre Studio to host the whole family

by Rhonda Massad Have you ever been curious about barre classes? Located in the heart of Pointe Claire Village, the new Studio Barre Plus can offer you a barre experience!...
Ken Ingram's Business Report

Intercultural competencies and their effect on your business- Ken’s Business Report

By Ken Ingram MQA President TAC Montreal www.TACresults.com In Canada, during the past few months, cultural diversity again was making headlines.  The reason for this issue to resurface is quite simple:...
Joanna Ruckenstein

Spoil yourself and live a Party 4 One life! – A one way trip...

“Joanna offers you healthy recipes to fight with confidence and dance your way through life!” Private chef with a pinch of inspiration., Joanna Ruckenstein has been on a quest to learn...

Even when it seems impossible, even when you have failed in the past, Manifest...

by Rhonda Massad  Do you feel there’s a financial ceiling you can’t seem to overpass? Have you been putting the effort and not achieving the financial results you  want? Do you feel...
That's How the Cookie Crumbles

That’s How The Cookie Crumbles for all your Christmas cookie gifts

by Rhonda Massad Are you looking for a unique and yummy gift to give to the special people on your list this year? Pointe Claire’s Janice Hillrich of Thats How The...
Complexe Dôme Multi‐Sports Volkswagen

CLD says thank you

On October 1st, 2015, a business networking event presented by Développement Économique West‐Island (DEWI), was held at the Complexe Dôme Multi‐Sports Volkswagen Des Sources in Baie‐D’Urfé.    Close to...
Melissa Dawn

Is Your Life and Career Orgasmically Joyful?

  That’s right. Orgasmically joyful. I mean, are you waking up excited to start each day? Do you have moments of pure joy every day? Or, do you dread the return...
Financial Coaching

We have been taught to make money…not to manage it!

Do you really need financial coaching services? • Do you find it difficult to follow a budget? • Do you want a better understanding of the financial jargon? •...
Ken Ingram, Yasmina Jimenez

Are you focusing on the “meat” of your business or the “facade”

By Ken Ingram, MQA  President & Yasmina Jimenez, Senior Coach and Advisor www.TACresults.com Congratulation for taking the first step outside of your comfort zone. It takes guts to be in business and...
Lianne Bridges

Discover Your Passion – Meet the Business

Do you ever wonder what your true path is? Do you have lots of ideas and passions, but donʼt know how they all fit together? Maybe you feel stuck...

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