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New West-Island home bakery Decadent Dough serving mouth-watering cookies

By Allie Theodore No one can say no to cookies. Not only are cookies one of, if not THE most comforting treat, they are wildly nostalgic for many. Whipping up...

Medicom to open manufacturing plant in St. Laurent to help with mask shortage

Medicom Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality infection control, single-use and preventive products. While Medicom's head office, located in Pointe-Claire, they will be opening...
Eco Conversions

Eco Conversions can take your home from oil to electricity in just one day

Meet the Business: Eco Conversions Heating Oil to Electricity Conversion Services in the Montreal Area For a Sustainable Ecological Transition Eco Conversions' mission is to be a major player in Québec’s energy...
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Ace of Decks grows up; local boys expand their deck making business to employ...

By Rhonda Massad Beaconsfield residents Brandan Ranaldi and Justin Szekely started building when they were ten years old. They were well-matched friends who would rather work on projects outdoors than...
Eco-Depot Ceramic Bathroom Renovations West Island

Eco-Depot Ceramic – your premier tile store for the modern home

Eco-Depot Ceramic has everything you need to complete your remodelling projects. Whether you are planning your home renovation project or any commercial and office improvements, our in-store interior designers...
Nemesis Lounge

Virtual reality lounge takes its place in Pointe Claire Village

By Rhonda Massad Fun for all ages!!! Explore the seas or explore space. Visit magical places with over 100 virtual games and or experiences on-site - the world is literally at...
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Dinner’s ready! There’s nothing better than coming home to a home-cooked meal!

With today’s busy schedules, the modern West Island family is finding it increasingly difficult to ensure their families are eating nutritious, well-balanced meals, often resorting to fast food, or boxed meals out of sheer desperation.  Rising out of a passion for...

Kirkland Resident co-founds Aupale Vodka from Canadian glacier

Kirkland resident, Anthony Boccardi, co-founder of The HC Spirits company shares the debut of Aupale Vodka. Aupale is a highly specialized, premium product. Made with natural spring water from...
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Watching TV outside under the stars? How cool is that?

By Rhonda Massad I thought that too until i peaked over my neighbours fence to see them sitting outside in their newly appointed lounge watching golf on a Sunday afternoon. ...
Keller William

Keller-Williams Prestige

by Jim Morrison The landscape across from Beaconsfield Train station has transformed with Keller Williams Prestige Real Estate brokers moving into town seven months ago. Lead by co-founders, Donna Dalonzo, Helena...

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