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Environmental problems are increasingly coming at the forefront of our lives

How can business coaches help? What training programs should their offer?  Ecological Ideas for Business Training Courses Nowadays, more and more people are considering starting businesses based on “green” technology. Many...

Top 5 Collateral Items You Can Use To Get A Secured Loan

A secured loan can be a great solution when you find that you need money in a hurry. You can never predict when an unexpected expense may pop up....
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Secrets to Making Money While Working at Home

  One of the best things about working from home is that you can earn money and always remain within the familiar and comfortable territory. There are many ways that...
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How to Get an Installment Loan Faster in Canada with guaranteed approval?

Are you in search of some easy ways to get guaranteed bad credit installment loans in Canada? Then you are at the right place as today we will be sharing...
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Intercultural competencies and their effect on your business- Ken’s Business Report

By Ken Ingram MQA President TAC Montreal In Canada, during the past few months, cultural diversity again was making headlines.  The reason for this issue to resurface is quite simple:...

Benefits of becoming a “More Powerful and Confident Speaker” in 2015

By Ken Ingram Whatever you do or wherever you go, at some point in your business life you will have an opportunity or more to speak in front of a...
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How to Choose the Right Career Path — The First Considerations

Having their own business is the dream of many people have with regards to their career, especially those who are free-spirited. While the business world is a busy one,...
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Baby it’s cold outside!

By Ken Ingram President Well here we are again, a new year has begun and weather-wise we have had a lot of fun. Some snow, some rain, and well...
Leveling Up: 10 Legit Ways to Push Your Hospitality Management Career into the Stratosphere

Leveling Up: 10 Legit Ways to Push Your Hospitality Management Career into the Stratosphere

  The hospitality industry is an umbrella term for three related industries. They are the hotel industry, the food and beverage industry, and the travel and tourism industry. While each...

Building your Network by Design

by Ken Ingram Have you ever noticed that some people can walk into any room full of people and within the blink of an eye they are engaged in easy conversation...