Catastrophic Bus-Truck Collision in Western Australia Claims 13 Lives


In a horrifying turn of events within the tranquil Midwest region of Western Australia, a catastrophic collision occurred, involving a tour bus and a truck, resulting in at least 13 casualties. This devastating incident happened on Friday around 9.10 am on Port Gregory Rd, Sandy Gully, lying approximately more than 450km north of the urban hub, Perth.

The seemingly serene morning quickly turned awry as the tour coach, enveloped in its journey towards Northampton, about 16km southeast, met with a calamity. The bus, housing 45 passengers along with two staff members, was heading southeast with a truck advancing from the opposing direction, thereby setting the stage for this unfortunate accident.

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According to official correspondence from a WA Police spokesperson, as many as 15 people were administered immediate medical aid at the very location. Out of these, 14 were amongst the bus passengers, while the 15th was the driver of the distressed truck.

The severity of the injuries varied from case to case, with two of the patients experiencing serious trauma, while others sustained more moderate injuries. Noting the regrettable circumstances, the spokesperson mentioned, “Officers from the Major Crash Investigation Section are attending to conduct an examination of the crash scene.”

Providing further details about the injured parties, St John Ambulance revealed that six casualties were transported to the Northampton General Hospital. Simultaneously, eight more were rushed to Geraldton Regional Hospital to receive required medical attention.

Local law enforcement was quick to respond, promptly reaching the scene in conjunction with the medical personnel. Motorists were cautioned to steer clear of the area to facilitate unhindered relief work.

In an effort to piece together the cause of this accident and avoid further catastrophes of similar nature, the police have appealed to witnesses, extending an invitation for any information regarding the crash. Individuals who may have seen the truck or bus in the moments leading up to the crash are urged to contribute to the investigation by reaching out to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or by filing an anonymous report online.