Casino Winner with Expired ID Sparks Outrage in Viral TikTok Misunderstanding


Should holding an expired ID rob you of your newly acquired fortune? A recent TikTok video that went viral would have you believe so. This chaotic footage, capturing a moment of utter disbelief, showcases a woman wailing in frustration at a casino.

The woman, fiercely demanding the money she won, draws the attention of surrounding players with her outburst. A dramatic voiceover then chimes in, giving us a tagline worthy of any thriller movie: “She won the jackpot, but expired ID equals no cash-out.”

However, this stirring piece of social media drama is not entirely accurate. Contrary to what the video implies, the woman in question did not lose her winnings. Rather, her passionate pleas were used as bait by a crafty social media user aiming to stoke fires of outrage and rake in views.

This tactic seems to have produced the intended effect, as evident from the numerous irate comments. Many viewers took this opportunity to criticize casinos, blaming them for snatching away the rightful winnings of players on technical grounds such as an expired ID.

However, this viewpoint overlooks a crucial piece of information.

By American federal law, any casino is obligated to hold the winnings of a jackpot winner who fails to produce a valid photo ID and a Social Security or Tax ID number. The latter become necessary when someone hits a winning exceeding $1,200 on a slot machine, video machine or scoops up over $10,000 in a table game. These large wins beckon Uncle Sam to claim the owed taxes, and stringent guidelines ensure the taxman’s share is never shortchanged.

If the ID-less winner manages to regain their composure and produce valid identification and relevant Social Security or Tax ID numbers within a stipulated deadline (usually 90 days), they get to claim their rightful winnings. Failure to do so may lead to their unclaimed cash being held indefinitely.

Certain exceptional cases may also lead to the denial of winnings such as being underage, being listed in a database of defaulters, enrolling in the self-exclusion list or claiming someone else’s winnings. Machine malfunctions can sometimes present a misleading jackpot win too.

Contrary to popular belief, casinos don’t resort to underhanded tactics to keep their clients’ money. Their operating licenses are too valuable to risk. Their revenue is ensured, thanks to the inherent casino odds operating with incredible efficiency.

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