Casino Nanaimo Employees Sues GCGC for Wrongful Termination


Former employees of Casino Nanaimo have filed a class-action lawsuit against Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) for wrongful termination. On 27th October 2020, 27 employees filed individual lawsuits against GCGC. GCGC runs multiple casinos across Canada, including the River Rock, Resort Richmond. The dismissed employees termed the company’s actions as harmful.

Casino Nanaimo was closed on 16th March 2020, and since then, it has ceased its operations permanently. Worse, Casino Nanaimo employees were not in any worker union. GCGG and Great Canadian Casinos Inc. are alleged to have imparted unnecessary hardship in the past years, including banning employees from drawing on their vacation pay, among other benefits.

Furthermore, the company is accused of not communicating to the employees about their job status during the entire time. More claims allege that the company failed to adhere to the Employment Standards Act (ESA) on 30th August 2020 that mandated temporary layoffs to become permanent.

Other allegations being filed against GCGC include unsafe work conditions. GCGC has not responded to a class-action lawsuit which claims the Canadian Revenue Agency list Casino Nanaimo in the receipt of the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). GCGC was asked to respond to how the CEWS taken by Casino Nanaimo was used. However, no response has been received.

The unethical conduct of the company has come under public scrutiny for the first time since 21st January. GCGC CEO Rod Baker was ticketed for money laundering allegations. Baker was charged on 15th June, after which he stepped down from his position. The allegations against him sparked public outrage. He will face six months imprisonment if found guilty.

Court testimonies claimed that Nanaimo Casino concerted with B.C. Lottery Corporation in the money laundering. Further in the class action allegations include the delisting of the company after being sold by shareholders to a private firm in December 2020.

The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of this financial quarter. Casino Nanaimo is located in Nanaimo downtown and covers a floor space of 42, 000 square feet. It features 430 slot machines, six table games, three poker tables, a restaurant, and a facebook. Most of Casino lovers prefer to enjoy online casinos in order to keep safe.


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