Casino CFOs Overlooked: Earnings and Job Volatility Revealed


In the hierarchy of corporate leadership, chief financial officers (CFOs) command significant respect and responsibility, yet they seem to trail behind their executive counterparts in terms of salary and job stability. This pattern extends across various business sectors, including the high-stakes world of casino gaming.

Recent findings by Datarails place CFOs at the fourth rung of the compensation ladder when compared to their peers, with the chief executive officers (CEOs) leading the pack with average earnings of $11.3 million. In sharp contrast, CFOs in the casino segment pocket a lower but still enviable $4.6 million annually, which is 30% above average for the role across different industries. Trailing are chief operating officers (COOs), who take home around $3.5 million.

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To unpack the intricacies of executive compensation and job longevity, Datarails meticulously scrutinized SEC filings by publicly traded casino companies spanning over the past two years. These filings painted a narrative of fiscal rewards and precarious tenure.

A case in point is MGM Resorts International, which experienced notable turnover in its financial stewardship. MGM’s financial helm has changed hands three times in rapid succession. Jonathan Halkyard assumed the role from Corey Sanders in 2021, who had himself replaced Dan D’Arrigo in 2019. D’Arrigo ended his decade-long tenure in the midst of the company’s strategic cost-cutting initiatives. Despite the turnover, Halkyard has made significant strategic moves, including aggressive stock repurchases that have lessened the company’s outstanding share count.

However, the CFO position doesn’t promise long-term job security. Averaging a tenure of just three years over a five-year analysis, CFOs rank lowest in job stability among the casino and gaming industry’s C-suite positions. CEOs and general counsels (GCs) also fare relatively poorly, while roles such as chief marketing officer (CMO), COO, and chief technology officer (CTO) apparently offer a full five-year stability.

Not all executive shuffles spell turbulence. Some transpired seamlessly and have been beneficial for all involved. At Las Vegas Sands, Patrick Dumont ascended from CFO to COO and president, simultaneously with Rob Goldstein’s step up to CEO. At Wynn Resorts, Craig Billings transitioned from CFO to CEO, a move regarded as a corporate success. Julie Cameron-Doe smoothly took over the CFO mantle.

Despite these positive moves, a CFO’s exit generally incurs a cost to company share prices, with a study citing an average 1% drop the following day. Though a 2% further decline might follow in a month, the analysis affirms a return to baseline by six months.

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