Carolyn Hill — No Mountain is Too High for This Entrepreneur


By: Olivia Kona

Carolyn Hill is a rare breed. At 23 she started her own business with vision and acumen rare for someone her age. Fast forward seven years and she’s now the successful owner of a thriving, ever growing salon, CaraMia, in the Pointe-Claire Village. In addition, she’s a Redken color instructor and Herbalife representative with a passion for outdoor, healthy living.

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You might consider her a bit of a risk taker, as well. Three years ago, she hiked to the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern US. The mountain’s erratic and dangerous weather conditions challenge hikers and, yet, she’s eager to climb it again.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.19.52 PM

Vermont’s Mount Mansfield is another summit she conquered.

“Unknowingly, we took Hell Brook, the hardest trail. When it rains it turns into a waterfall. It literally went straight up,”  she said.

Hill also canoes, camps, plays in the Pointe-Claire Ladies Softball League, and takes barre and other exercise classes.

“We grew up in a very active family. We weren’t allowed to watch TV. My Mom kicked us outside and we weren’t allowed back in unless it was freezing cold or we were turning blue,” she said.

Born in the West Island, Hill says the area has the best of both worlds — city and country living —but she feels there’s a need to raise awareness about the Pointe-Claire Village.

“It’s a beautiful tourist destination and many people don’t know about it. At my business someone said he felt like he’d stepped into an old-time neighborhood in Maine,” she said.

Growing up in Pointe-Claire, her parents taught her to be environmentally conscious. She recycles, composts and grows vegetables and herbs. And she doesn’t mind getting a little dirty when she gardens.

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photo by: James Tottle

“The enzymes found in soil produce the chemical serotonin in your body which helps make you happier and calmer,” she said.

Hill’s many interests extend to a love of books. To help master her management skills, she focuses on reading business and personal development books, such as Good Boss, Bad Boss and Tribal Leadership.

Her all-time guilty pleasure read is anything by Nicholas Sparks, which gives us a peak into the heart of this true romantic, as does her wedding. After the ceremony, she and her husband rode off together on a white horse — the ultimate fairy tale beginning.