Caregivers allowed access to CHSLD’s as of Monday



In the wake of Premier François Legault’s daily address on April 20, family members of those with relatives in a CHSLD breathed a sigh of relief.  As of Monday, caregivers who were regular visitors of a resident of a CHSLD will regain access. A set of protocols and forms need to be completed prior to visitation.

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As per the Government of Quebec’s decision, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal(CIUSSS) will be allowing caregivers access to its CHSLDs as of Monday. Access will be limited.

Source: CIUSSS

Potential caregivers have to fill out the registration and consent forms that can be found on the CIUSSS’ web site.

The forms may be submitted electronically or please present them when you arrive on site.

Caregivers must meet specific criteria which have been established by the government as well as protocols developed by the CIUSSS. This is to ensure safe and effective integration into the operations of our CHSLD’s. The protocols have been developed in collaboration with their Infection Prevention and Control team. The criteria which have been established include the following:

  • Caregivers must be symptom free. They must not show symptoms of being a carrier of the COVID-19 virus. Screening will occur each time they enter the CHLSD;
  • The caregiver will have had to fulfill this role prior to the pandemic on a regular basis. This means that the individual will have to be known to staff at the particular CHSLD. We will be looking for help with feeding of the resident. Caregivers are not to interfere with the care our health care professionals are providing.
  • Access will be restricted exclusively to units with few, if any, positive cases. Access will not be permitted to hot zones, or floors that are under observation, or where there are two or more patients with the COVID-19 virus. Until further notice, caregivers will not have access to the Kastner pavilion of Jewish Eldercare, Saint Andrew’s, Saint Margaret’s and zones under precaution at Maimonides.
  • Caregivers will not be allowed access to a resident who has tested positive.
  • Caregivers will have to wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves, wash their hands regularly and practice social distancing.

Please rest assured that in welcoming caregivers back into our CHSLDs, our priority will continue to be the health and safety of our residents and our staff.