Cardano Poised for Major Breakout, Mirroring Past Rally


In a development that could pique the interest of investors, a keen observation of Cardano’s (ADA) historical price movements suggests that the cryptocurrency could soon witness a considerable uptrend. Analyst Ali points out a striking resemblance in ADA’s current chart pattern to that observed between 2018 and 2020. During that period, ADA experienced a consolidation phase within a defined channel before embarking on a dramatic rise.

The present pattern and its historic counterpart share common ground, most notably in the consolidation behavior of Cardano. However, there is one stark deviation—the COVID-19 crash—a dramatic drop in price which deviated from the established pattern due to the extraordinary circumstances introduced by the pandemic. Setting aside this anomaly, the parallels remain compelling.

Cardano’s recent climb towards the upper end of its current channel suggests an imminent breakout, akin to what transpired during the noted historical phase. When Cardano last exited its consolidation channel, it triggered an explosive rally. Ali’s prognosis is that if the pattern holds true, ADA could soon surpass the $0.45 resistance level and might well advance toward $0.75 by late December—a rally that could translate to an increase upwards of 70%. One might recall that following the previous channel breakout, ADA achieved an upswing nearing 3000% in the subsequent bull run.

Further backing this bullish sentiment is data from on-chain analytics firm Santiment, which highlighted a trend concerning the total number of Cardano wallets. Despite a recent downturn in the quantity of ADA wallets, which usually signifies small holders liquidating positions to larger investors at a loss, the price of Cardano has actually seen an uplift—a phenomenon that might be reoccurring.

At the time of reporting, ADA has faced resistance at the $0.45 mark, with its price retracting to $0.43 after attempting to breach this threshold. Nonetheless, the past few days have shown positive momentum for Cardano’s valuation.

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