Cardano Founder Fires Shots at Solana Amid Crypto Muddle, Stirs Romance and Rivalry


In a series of responses that have ricocheted through the cryptocurrency community, the verbose Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has recently touched upon diverse topics – from dispensing dating advice to expressing emphatic confidence in Cardano’s ecosystem and even commenting on the recent ordeal Solana has faced.

Interestingly, Hoskinson’s commentary edged into the unusual territory of romance when Lily Brodi, the creative mind behind the popular ‘Cardano Girls’ video, sought his opinion on whether asking someone if they owned ADA, Cardano’s native token, on a first date was appropriate.

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Hoskinson quipped that not holding ADA should be seen as a “major red flag,” humorously suggesting that while the individual might not be party to unsavory behavior like cannibalism, a reservation should still be held if they don’t have a stake in Cardano. He later playfully hinted at knowing a few potential “Cardano bachelors,” fostering light-hearted amusement within the community.

Hoskinson’s repartee extended to other crypto giants, most notably Solana, which has recently battled difficulties processing transactions. The Solana network has faced unprecedented levels of congestion, with a failure rate of more than 75% in non-vote transactions. In response to these struggles, Hoskinson shared a popular Pedro Pascal gif, an action that stirred up mixed reactions from the community and further fuelled the pre-existing rivalry between the two camps.

This reaction from Hoskinson sparked off counter-comments from crypto enthusiasts who didn’t appreciate his take. A handful labeled him as a “douchebag founder” whilst others predicted that this kind of attitude would be detrimental to Cardano’s future success.

However, several members of the ADA community echoed Hoskinson’s sentiments, with some labeling the Solana network as “useless,” while others criticized the Solana team for their perceived lack of understanding of blockchain fundamentals. This animosity between the two ecosystems is an ongoing saga, with both sides often resorting to pointing out each other’s shortcomings.

Hoskinson’s proclamations didn’t end there. Upon the announcement of a recent poll ranking the best Layer-1 networks – a poll which saw Cardano garner the second-highest number of votes – the outspoken founder expressed dissatisfaction with the results, asserting that the voting had been manipulated before even a single vote was cast. According to Hoskinson, in a fairly executed vote, “Cardano always wins.”

Yet despite Hoskinson’s unwavering confidence, the ADA price trajectory has been lackluster of late, with the token experiencing an 11.5% drop in the last seven days and a significant 20.5% tumble in the past month. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez has expressed concern several times about a perceived decrease in ADA’s whale activity, suggesting that this could be an indicator of further price consolidation or imminent losses.

Such observations have provoked anxiety among ADA holders, with some sharing their perception that the token is “extremely bearish right now.” ADA is currently trading at $0.5748, a level unseen since the Valentine’s Day. This story points out with a certain degree of poignancy, that even within the dynamic and unpredictable world of cryptocurrencies, humor, rivalry, and drama reign supreme.

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