Car Plunges into Vancouver Pizzeria, Leaves One Critical


In a shocking incident on a peaceful Saturday evening, the tranquility of downtown Vancouver was shattered when a vehicle plunged through the front window of a local eatery, resulting in one person critically injured.

The incident occurred on Smithe Street near Burrard Street. First responders sprang into action around 7:30 p.m., quickly transporting two individuals to hospital, one in a life-threatening condition and the other stable, as per BC Emergency Health Services.

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Pacifico Pizzeria was alive with the usual buzz of a weekend night when a car abruptly crashed into its facade. Eyewitness Dean Nelson, who was relishing his dinner at that moment, described the horrifying event. “Dust and debris started flying everywhere unexpectedly,” he said. “It became hard to fathom what had unfolded. Initially, we suspected a bomb explosion or an earthquake due to the magnitude of disruption.”

It was later ascertained by the Vancouver Police Department that, lost in uncontrolled acceleration, the driver had initially struck a cyclist before spiraling into the restaurant. “The foot-on-the-gas technique propelled the vehicle into the restaurant, resulting in a pedestrian, exiting the restaurant, being hit as well,” stated a spokesperson over email.

Fred Oliver, the proprietor of the restaurant, painted a grim picture. The person struck by the vehicle was a customer who had just exited and was standing outside. “The unfortunate individual was thrown through doors,” he said, nurses anguish over the distressing call he received.

The ensuing aftermath of the accident, captured in videos, reveals the extent of the damage – a sore sight of twisted metal, broken glass, and a dark vehicle cordoned off by police tape. By Sunday morning, efforts were in place to restore a semblance of normalcy, with crews covering the chaotic scene with a white tarp.

With damages possibly running into tens of thousands of dollars, Oliver harbors no hope of reopening until next month at the earliest. Yet, his chief worry is not the significant repair cost, but the welfare of his employees. “Many are students or those who rely heavily on their jobs,” he reflected, acutely aware of Vancouver’s soaring cost of living.

As per the Vancouver Police Department, an investigation into the crash is ongoing.