Cancelled Parliamentary Party Donates Gourmet Feast to Ottawa Mission


The Ottawa Mission has recently been bestowed with a lavish bounty of gourmet food intended for a cancelled Parliamentary party. The gathering was set to take place at Chelsea, Que., the official residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons. However, due to Anthony Rota’s abrupt resignation, the event was culled at the eleventh hour.

In the wake of this cancellation, it was declared that the sumptuous fare, originally prepared for the dignitaries, would find its way to the Ottawa Mission. Aileen Leo, a spokesperson for the Ottawa Mission, confirmed the generous donation on Wednesday, listing the exquisite menu items which included such delicacies as seared scallops, poached shrimp, pulled beef barbacoa, petite lamb meatballs and 700 fresh oysters.

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According to Leo, this contribution could not have arrived at a better time. Over the past four years, even just as the pandemic ascended, food insecurity has spiked drastically, creating an overwhelming demand for meals in Ottawa. This food donation is a significant boon to the mission’s cause, allowing them to serve a host of delectable meals to those in dire need. “We served more than 1 million meals just last year to those who would otherwise go without,” wrote Leo. “We’re deeply grateful for this act of generosity.”

In fact, just last week, the Ottawa Mission unveiled its annual impact report which highlighted that it had served in excess of one million meals in the previous year.

Rota tendered his resignation as the Speaker of the House after facing criticism for inviting a controversial figure, Yaroslav Hunka, to the House of Commons during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit. Rota introduced the 98-year-old Hunka, who was once a part of a Nazi-controlled unit during World War II, as a national hero of his riding, igniting an uproarious standing ovation in the House. Although Rota extended an apology the following weekend and in the House of Commons on Monday, he succumbed to mounting pressure from both sides of the aisle and eventually stepped down on Tuesday.

In the aftermath of this event, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended an apology as well, expressing regret for the entire affair, which he believed had caused significant embarrassment to Parliament and the nation of Canada.