Canadore College Pledges Housing for Homeless International Students Amid Protests


Between 50 and 100 international students, mostly hailing from India, who had been staying involuntarily as homeless, some even resorting to sleeping in tents outside Canadore College, have indicated that they have reached a consensus with the college administration. The direness of their situation was accentuated by the fact that they were obligated to pay higher tuition fees, a burden amplified by their inability to secure housing upon arrival in the city.

The students shared with CTV News that the college officials have provided assurances of arranging accommodations for them at reasonable rates. In addition, it has been communicated that those students who opt to return to their native countries will be reimbursed their full fees without any deductions. The college is also planning to provide online classes for those students who are unable to find a place to reside in the city.

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On Tuesday night, in a show of protest against their unpalatable housing situation, over a dozen international students camped outside overnight. It was revealed that some had been forced to live in hotels due to the lack of appropriate accommodations.

On Thursday afternoon, Canadore validated the information, stating that the protesting students have been placed in housing. The message conveyed by the college was that it vows to continue efforts to find suitable accommodation for all students. A detailed announcement of these efforts is expected to be released next week.

The Montreal Youth Students Organization (MYSO) has dispatched representatives to North Bay to assist in resolving this predicament. MYSO representative Khushpal Grewal expressed that the students are experiencing relief following the commitment made by the college to provide accommodation. Grewal revealed that the college has secured a city hotel until September 30, providing a temporary refuge for the students while efforts continue to find a more sustainable solution. The accommodation also includes coverage for the students’ meals.

However, MYSO has given the college a deadline of three days to propose a permanent housing solution. If the college fails to meet this deadline, the students are prepared to resume their demonstrations.