Canadians being scammed by fake steel company


By Daniele Iannarone

Here at the West Island Blog, even our own Editor, Rhonda Massad, has been receiving what appears to be some lucrative financial opportunities from a company called Sorareo Steel Corporation.

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After being approached by Sorareo Steel Corp last month, Rhonda was quickly deemed the perfect candidate for the job.  This corporation, which claims to be “the world’s leading steel company specialized in supplying of all kinds of steel and metallic products,” is supposedly trying to open offices and expand their business into the North American market, and they are looking for individuals to help serve as intermediaries in the market.  The job description reads as follows: “Until the centers are established, we need a reliable individual/company (irrespective of the business class or type) that can stand as an intermediary between our customers/client in Canada, Germany and the United States of America (USA) as our company (Sorareo Steel) representative.”

Essentially, Sorareo Steel Corp claims to require an intermediary to collect all overdue debt owed to their company.  The employee is promised a whopping $5,000 per month as well as 5-20% of the overdue debt collected in exchange for a maximum of 25 hours of work per month.  Rhonda was quick to hop aboard realizing it was fake to see how far it would go.  She was instructed to collect all of the overdue debt into her own bank account, and then remit 95% of this money to Sorareo Steel Corp.  She was sent a contract that appeared legitimate, yet was riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

Rhonda, of course, was not to be fooled and didn’t follow up after being offered the contract, although Sorareo Steel Corp continued to invite her to sign the contract and work with them.  Other Canadians, however, were not as lucky as Rhonda. It’s been reported by various other media outlets that Canadians across the country have been victims of similar scams, which has resulted in thousands of dollars of debt for some of them.  

Sorareo Steel CorpEven when a company may seem legitimate upon first glance, sometimes digging deeper might expose it and prevent serious financial consequences.  A quick Google search for Sorareo Steel Corp yields some positive results, as the company has a professional-looking website and a clearly defined executive committee.  Yet, by simply scrolling down a little lower, there are many scam warnings regarding this and other supposedly fake steel companies.

Beware of this world wide scam!