Canadian Summer Job program brought 243 jobs to Pierrefonds-Dollard


by Rhonda Massad

Each year the Federal Government helps community organizations and small businesses create summer jobs for youth in our country. This spring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced there would b

 Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, Frank Baylis, Canada, Summer Job Program
MP Frank Baylis, Rhonda Massad, Pierrefonds Mayor Jim Beis

e an increase in the envelope over the next three years.


To qualify for the Summer Jobs meant enough organizations meeting priorities set by the Member of Parliment’s office needed to participate.

According to Pierrefonds-Dollard


MP Frank Baylis, the program saw an increase of almost three times the amount to the Pierrefonds-Dollard riding.

“I am very happy with the efforts made by this office to recruit organizations into the program and help them through the process,” Baylis said. “We went from $335,250 last year to $903,670 this summer. Meaning 243 jobs were created this summer in our riding.”


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