Canadian Senators Propose Overhaul to International Student Program Amid Fraud Concerns


Four Canadian senators have put forth a raft of recommendations intended to overhaul the nation’s International Student Program, citing the need for safeguards against fraud and abuse as well as a tightening of rules around recruiters and educational institutions. Senators Ratna Omidvar, Yuen Pau Woo, Hassan Yussuff, and former senator Sabi Marwah, members of the Independent Senators Group, unveiled their report recently, an initiative intended to address the program’s inherent “integrity challenges.”

The senators believe the International Student Program has fallen prey to its own prosperity, attracting international students in droves and consequently becoming a hotbed for injustices to flourish. From heightening tuition fees, to instances of abuse, students are battling against numerous obstacles, often lacking the required support to navigate them. Furthermore, these students have found themselves, unfairly, on the receiving end of blame for many of Canada’s current socio-economic issues.

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Through their report, the senators have made several recommendations including a nationwide review of the financial sustainability of Canadian Designated Learning Institutions, a category that encompasses colleges, universities, and other institutions accredited by provincial and territorial governments to admit international students. Additionally, they advocate for increased regulation of these institutions, ensuring a sufficient supply of housing and assertive efforts to educate students on their legal rights in context of housing, employment, and sexual abuse.

The report reflects that Canada’s international student population has seen a fourfold increase since 2008, now standing at approximately 807,750 in 2022, a growth credited to the federal Economic Action Plan of 2011. This plan gave birth to an International Education Strategy aiming to double the international student population from 239,131 in 2011 to 450,000 in 2022, a goal that was reached by 2017.

However, the report also casts a spotlight on the challenges faced by international students, which include staggering and unpredictable tuition hikes, misleading information from private colleges and agents about career and immigration prospects, and a general culture of exploitation built around the ignorance of the international students.

As the senators strive to remedy the flaws of the International Student Program, it becomes evident that integrity is as important in education as it is in other aspects of life. If the sense of integrity and fairness is embedded not just in the way we study, but also in the way we spend our leisure time, the result would be a healthier society. Speaking of honorable pursuits, we at West Island Blog have taken it upon ourselves to provide clear, concise and unbiased information on reputable online casinos, with our monthly list of top online casinos here. This resource ensures Canadians are aware of their options and can engage in recreational activities in a transparent and secure way.