Canadian Premier League Unveils Striking New Trophy, Acknowledges Regular-Season Winners


The Canadian Premier League is instigating a significant overhaul of its trophy collection. A novel accolade, named the Canadian Premier League Shield, is designated for the regular-season champion. Simultaneously, the North Star Cup will supplant its predecessor, the North Star Shield, which incidentally was the commemoration presented to the playoff victor between 2019 and 2022.

On Thursday, the world was introduced to the new Canadian Premier League Shield. Proudly crafted from sterling silver and embellished with gold leaf accents, the thirtyfold design signifies Canada’s ten provinces and three territories. All thirteen points converge at the central emblem of the shield – the emblematic CPL logo. Weighing in at nine kilograms and with a diameter of about 46 centimetres, this formidable shield is set to take centre stage in future triumphs.

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Prior to this, there was a notable absence of a trophy for the regular-season winner. Commissioner Mark Noonan addressed this disparity last autumn, decreeing equal rewards for both the regular-season and playoff winners. As a testament to this, Atletico Ottawa will be retroactively awarded the CPL Shield for their regular-season win in the previous season. Despite their unsuccessful bid against Forge FC from Hamilton in the CPL championship game, Ottawa’s victory is duly acknowledged.

The revised trophy line-up isn’t the only facet warranting attention. Both the regular-season and playoff victors will also secure coveted participation in the CONCACAF Champions Cup. This prestigious championship represents the zenith of club competition in North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean.

Interestingly, both trophies share a common thread in their origin, namely, the prestigious EPICO Studios. Under the unprecedented creative leadership of Richard Levy, the studio has shaped defining moments in sports through their creations, the Copa America Centenario, CONCACAF Champions Cup, the Gold Cup, CONCACAF Nations League, and the MLS’s Philip F Anschutz trophies.

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