Canadian Politician Criticize Central Bank-Supports Crypto backed Currency and Economy


Maxime Bernier, former cabinet minister and the founder of the People’s Party of Canada, shows his support for Bitcoin as the federal election approaches.

Bernier, known also as Mad Max, is an outspoken politician who has voiced his criticism against vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and lockdowns in Canada.

On Tuesday last week, Bernier further made another claim. He tweeted that cryptocurrencies are indeed an innovative way to counter central banks’ actions which he alleged are destroying the economy.

“My people are asking if I support Bitcoin and cryptos. Of course, I do! I hate how central banks are destroying our money and economy.”

Bernier’s remarks come days before the federal election, which is scheduled on Monday. People’s Party currently holds no seat in parliament.

Right-wing politicians worldwide support the crypto idea, and some are designing campaigns and policies that include the role of Bitcoin.

Canada has paved the way to many crypto spaces that include crypto exchange-traded funds, which are yet to be approved in the US. However, prominent lawmakers including, Justin Trudeau, have remained silent regarding the role of cryptocurrencies in the country’s economy.


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