Canadian-Palestinian Woman from Cambridge Loses 10 Family Members in Gaza Airstrike


Caught in the tragedy and turbulence of war, a Canadian-Palestinian woman hailing from Cambridge has come forward with the heartbreaking tale of losing ten members of her immediate family to an airstrike in the contested territory of Gaza.

The woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous due to the ongoing safety concerns for her relatives still in the hotbed of conflict, recounts being in a local shopping center when she was delivered the grim news. Her usual bulwark of communication, the phone call from her family post each air raid, was ominously missing on that ill-fated Friday, leaving her with an undeniable dread.

As she further articulated, the high-rise apartment building that her family resided in had suffered catastrophic damage, claiming the lives of her dear aunt, uncle, cousins, and their children, buried amongst the rubble of their erstwhile home. The emotionally wrenching process of retrieving bodies from the debris took multiple days, with the youngest victim being her seven-month-old cousin, a grim discovery made on Monday.

The grief of her losses is stark and palpable, especially considering her recent visit to Gaza, where she had spent cherished moments with the family that was no more. She reminisced about her aunt’s kindness and her uncle’s boisterous laugh, and the deep bond she shared with her cousin, their playful and intimate moments tinged with an unfathomable sadness in the wake of the tragedy. However, her grief remains overshadowed by the persistent worry for her relatives still living in the harrowed, violence-torn region.

While the fatal events could not be independently confirmed, the local woman’s ordeal epitomizes the universal plea for peace and cessation of aggression, resonating with many others suffering similar fates, and echoes the desperate need for effective diplomatic intervention.

Amidst the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly has advocated for a “de-escalation,” representing the nation’s stance for stability, although she did not explicitly call for a ceasefire. Her sentiment was echoed by PM Justin Trudeau during talks with global leaders, reinforcing their collective support for Israel’s defense against terrorism, and adherence to international laws safeguarding civilians.

Furthermore, with a view towards a long-term peace in the volatile region, Ms. Joly expressed Canada’s belief in the potential of renewed talks advocating a two-state solution. Meanwhile, the conflict, that started in October, has led to over 5,000 deaths in Gaza as reported by Gaza’s Health Ministry, including over 2,000 children and more than 1,000 women. Israel too faces a civilian death toll of 1,400, with the violent operations continuing to wreak havoc on lives on both sides of the border.


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