Canadian Green Bitcoin Miner Approved For Listing on TSX under a Tag ‘SATO’


Canada Computational Unlimited Inc. ( has been approved for listing on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker Symbol ‘SATO’ on 7th September 2021. as a company has a goal to operate a high-grade carbon-neutral Bitcoin mining center. The firm is also getting support from True Global Ventures 4 Plus, a blockchain equity fund that recently raised $100 million.

Follow us on Google News! ✔️ operates 100 percent on renewable energy to mine cryptocurrency. It has been mining Bitcoin since 2017 and Ethereum since 2020.
The firm renewable energy supports high-grade crypto mining, its fintech infrastructure, and Aldata processing. was founded by Mathieu and Romain Nouzareth, two French entrepreneurs together with blockchain figures Julien Romanetto and Frederic Montagnon.

Romain Nouzareth, the CEO and Chairman of acclaimed the listing terming it’s as an opportunity to market its renewable energy driving force to the infrastructure of the future.

“ presents investors with an opportunity to participate in a resource-efficient investment. We are also very pleased to obtain the SATO ticker as a homepage to Satoshi Nakamoto and the Bitcoin White Paper published in 2008.”