Canadian Gaming Association and Other Stakeholders Request Senate to Appropriately Deal with Bill C-218


For years, Canadians still have access to unregulated sports betting websites that bring zero economic benefits to the province and zero employments benefits to Canadians. Now the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) is requesting the Senate to appropriately deal with Bill C-218, given that it will lay the foundation for safe and regulated single sports betting options.

Due to the pandemic, the Canadian casinos have mostly be closed since the start of COVID-19, but Canadian still had access to the unregulated betting event especially on offshore websites. CGA is launching a campaign aimed at amplifying the voices of Canadian fans who want change. CGA joined other Canadian organizations that had requested the federal government to pass a safe and regulated Sports Betting Act.

Apart from the overwhelming support by stakeholders, the bill also had tremendous support in the House of Commons, getting 303-15 votes. Stockholders who support the bill include the standing committee on Justice and Human Rights that heard from various person including Zane Hansen, the President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA).

According to Paul Burns, the President, and CEO of the CGA, Bill C-218 will ensure that provinces deliver safe, legal, and regulated sports betting options to Canadians. He added that the bill would empower them to enact strong regulatory standards on gambling, age, identification and ensure minors are kept from participating.

Burns added that bill C-218 is a reality and allows provinces and stakeholders to provide better sports betting. He further thanked the Senators for giving attention to the matter, Burns hopes that the bill will cross the finish line as intended.


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