Canadian Farm Honors Music Legends with Intricate Corn Maze Design


Every autumn, one farm in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B., upholds a cherished tradition. A sprawling corn maze is meticulously sculpted to pay homage to their Canadian heritage. The selection of the appropriate theme, however, occasionally proves as challenging as the task of crafting the maze itself.

This year on Hunter Brothers Farm, the co-owners decided on a theme honouring two titans of Canadian music who have left an indelible legacy behind them. As Chip Hunter, a joint owner of the farm, explained, the seed of the idea was planted by his wife. Initially, the concept was to base the maze around Gordon Lightfoot, but they struggled with encapsulating his impact effectively. Upon remembering the anniversary of Stan Rogers, they decided that melding the two would serve as an apt tribute.

The world bids Gordon Lightfoot goodbye on May 1, while this year also marks four decades since the passing of Stan Rogers. In the words of Tom Hunter, another co-owner of Hunter Brothers Farm, these two greats were highly influential Canadians and exceptional musicians whose memories deserved this unique commemoration.

The corn maze is simply a facet of the attraction. This week, their playground is getting a fresh makeover. “We refer to it as a castle,” Tom says, while noting that Chip prefers the term ‘fort’. Regardless of the terminology, there’s a shared agreement that the new addition will offer yet another layer of amusement for their visitors.

For the Hunter family, the enduring allure of their venture is in the quality time it facilitates for other families. Chip fondly observed the sight of families interacting without the distraction of their phones, and parents playing with their children. The appeal is finding enjoyment in a full day out together as a family unit.

The eagerly awaited maze is set to open its rustic doors on Saturday and, barring weekdays, will be open every weekend until the month of October concludes.


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