Canadian Entities Rally to Aid Libya’s Cataclysmic Flood Victims


In the wake of extensive flooding that has wreaked havoc in the coastal city of Derna, Libya, an array of diverse entities spanning from charitable organizations to financial institutions, as well as individuals are rallying support in Canada to aid the victims of this disaster. The flood, which has claimed approximately 5,100 lives, shows no signs of abatement, causing worry that the death toll might inexorably escalate.

The inundation’s cataclysmic aftermath has elevated the counts of missing persons to over 10,000. An estimated 30,000 plus residents find themselves displaced, desperately requiring immediate alleviation and support to weather this ordeal.

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In response to this calamity, the Canadian Red Cross has taken it upon themselves to launch the Libya Floods Appeal. This proactive initiative intends to extend immediate succor to those beleaguered by this unexpected natural disaster. The monies accrued through this charitable endeavor would capacitate the Red Cross Red Crescent in offering swift relief, enabling recovery operations, and initiating resilience-building measures along with preparedness strategies for future incidents, extending its impact beyond the immediate locales to encompass neighboring regions.

Further adding to these humanitarian efforts, Islamic Relief Canada, another benevolent organization, is actively coordinating aid initiatives for those embroiled in the Libyan flood crisis. As a part of its programmed response, Islamic Relief Canada is liaising with local partners to furnish emergency food provisions, shelter, and critical everyday essentials such as blankets and mattresses to the flood victims.

In a display of solidary, major Canadian Banks, including RBC, Scotiabank, and TD bank, are also augmenting their support. These financial powerhouses are lending aid and resources to various organizations engaged in mobilizing immediate relief measures, recovery capabilities, as well as resilience and preparedness efforts in view of the cataclysmic Libyan floods.

In addition, these banks are extending their financial support to those grappling with the aftermath of a potent earthquake that shook Morocco, taking over 2,900 lives and leaving in its wake, thousands injured.

According to the Canadian Bankers Association, these banks are accepting financial contributions in their branches towards the Canadian Red Cross relief appeal and also directly allocating corporate donations to the Red Cross and other local organizations that are extending ground support.