Canadian Coast Guard Rescue Stations Resume Operation in Beaconsfield


The Canadian Coast Guard is opening its six seasonal rescue stations across Quebec, in Saint-Zotique, Vaudreuil (Lac des Deux Montagnes), Beaconsfield, Longueuil, Sorel and Trois-Rivières for the summer season. These stations are strategically located to provide fast response to reduce the number and severity of maritime incidents.

Regular operations will resume on May 29, 2019 at noon, and will continue until September 2, 2019 during the week, and until September 29, 2019 on weekends.

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Two stations have been relocated for this season: the St-Zotique station replaces the station formerly located in Bainsville, Ontario, and the Vaudreuil (Lac des Deux Montagnes) station replaces the one previously located at Pointe-aux-Anglais. These relocations will allow the Canadian Coast Guard to consolidate its activities and bring resources closer to busy areas to best serve

Waterways remain very cold at this time of year and take much longer to warm up compared to the air. Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide is an excellent source of information in preparation for the recreational boating season.  The Safe Boating Guide can be found here.

Any marine emergency can be reported to the Canadian Coast Guard 24/7:

  • Phone 1-800-463-4393 or 418-648-3599
  • VHF radio channel 16 (156.8 Mhz)
  • Mobile *16
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC/VHF) channel 70
  • Radio frequency MF 2182 Khz.

The Canadian Coast Guard recommends that you wear your life jacket at all times.

For more information on the Canadian Coast Guard’s search and rescue services, visit the Web site