Canadian Army on alert. Stores to be open on Easter Sunday for Flood initiative


Canadian Army on alert. Stores to be open on Easter Sunday for Flood initiativeWith 50 to 80 cm of rain expected this weekend, The Department of Public Safety asked the Canadian army for assistance this weekend in Montreal the surrounding areas.

“The risk of floods remain the same, but it could be spread over more days than we thought,” said Quebec’s Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault during a press conference on Friday.Flood 2019 Ile Bizard

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“We are seeking assistance from the Canadian Armed Forces and other federal stakeholders to support emergency response efforts in many regions of Quebec,” Guilbault stated.

“The duration of the assistance will be determined according to the evolution of the spring thaw as well as the needs on the ground until the situation returns to normal.”

At 1:45 pm, federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale indicated on Twitter that Ottawa agreed to lend a hand to Quebecers.

He also stated “In areas at risk of flooding, please follow safety instructions of local + provincial authorities. Govt of Canada agencies are always on standby to respond to Provincial requests for assistance. Thanks to first responders already working hard across the country.”

According to current forecasts and unless a change, the first major floods would occur Sunday.

The Ministry of Economy joined forces with the Ministry of Public Security to put in place a system to allow merchants in Quebec to open their stores on Sunday in order to provide services and goods for those in need.

“We know that businesses can not be opened normally on Easter Sunday, but my colleague and I have made sure to give this special permission to businesses,” explained Ms. Guilbault.

Flood 2019 Ile Bizard