Canadian Aid Worker Killed, European Volunteers Injured in Russian Assault in Ukraine


Several non-profit organizations based in Ukraine have revealed that a Canadian volunteer aid worker has tragically lost his life due to a Russian assault over the weekend. The humanitarian group, Road to Relief, described the unfortunate incident in an Instagram post.

The victim, a dedicated volunteer known as Anthony “Tonko” Ihnat, was journeying in a vehicle alongside three other volunteers from the organization when they found themselves under Russian gunfire. They had been on route to Ivanivske, a town situated in the Bakhmut region, intending to assess the condition of local civilians.

The post divulged further that Ruben Mawick, a medical volunteer from Germany, and Johan Mathias Thyr, a volunteer from Sweden, sustained severe injuries and have been admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, the fate of Emma Igual, a Spanish volunteer and the Director of Road to Relief, remains uncertain at this moment.

Despite the uncertainty, José Manuel Albares, Spain’s acting Foreign Minister, expressed to Spanish media that Madrid authorities had received verbal confirmation of the unfortunate demise of 32-year-old Igual.

As per the LinkedIn page of Road to Relief, the group was founded in March 2022 with the objective of assisting individuals in Ukraine to escape regions impacted by the ongoing war.


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