Canada’s Leaders Condemn Hamas Attack, Affirm Unwavering Support for Israel


Canada’s highest echelons of leadership are expressing strong reproach after a shock attack by the Hamas militant group marked the most fatal assault Israel has witnessed in years.

“Canada categorically denounces these ongoing acts of terror against Israel,” says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his sentiments shared over a digital platform once known as Twitter. “Such instances of violence are utterly inexcusable. We hold Israel in unwavering support and wholly back its right to fortify its own security. Our thoughts extend towards all those impacted by this event. Civilian life is paramount and must always be safeguarded.”

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Conservative Leader, Pierre Poilievre, states without hesitation his “absolute condemnation of the invasion of Israel by Hamas terrorists and the sadistic violence subsequently perpetuated against guiltless civilians.”

“Israel possesses the right to shield itself from such aggressions and to counter-attack its assailants. Canadians vow their collective solidarity with all victims of this assault.”

Early Saturday morning, a major Jewish holiday, Hamas militants launched thousands of rockets and infiltrated numerous Israeli communities with dozens of armed combatants.

Israel’s national emergency service reports upwards of 200 fatalities with over a thousand left injured. A still unknown count of Israeli soldiers and civilians has reportedly been kidnapped. Israel’s response has already claimed lives, with the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza reporting at least 198 casualties and no less than 1,610 wounded.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Melanie Joly, asserts “Canada is unwavering in its condemnation of this multifaceted terror attack against Israeli civilians at the hands of Hamas.”

“Canada stands resolutely with Israel and its right to use the provisions of international law to defend against terror. My heart reaches out to the victims as well as those impacted by these attacks.”

MP Michael Chong, who operates as the Conservative foreign affairs critic, aligned his party’s stance “with Israel in these testing times.”

“The Conservative party vehemently denounces the terrorist attack instigated by Hamas. We reiterate our full support for Israel’s right to self-defense. We equally condemn the deliberate murder and abduction of civilians by Hamas.”

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh also “firmly” condemned the “terrifying attacks by Hamas on Israel.”

“Civilians should invariably be out of harm’s way and any hostages must be immediately set free,” he expressed his concern. “Terrorism and violence resolve nothing.”

Similarly, his foreign affairs critic, Heather McPherson, expressed her deep concern over the escalating violence and the inevitable suffering it will inflict on both Israelis and Palestinians.

“My heart grieves for the civilians victimized and killed in Israel by Hamas,” she said. “Violence and terror must end. This is a critical time for us to renew our push towards peace.”


Iddo Moed, the forthcoming Israeli ambassador to Canada, informed that Israel had foreseen some form of terrorist attack during the High Holidays, marking the New Year in the Jewish calendar.

Canada formally recognized Hamas as a terrorist organization in 2002, defining it as “a radical Islamist-nationalist terrorist entity that stemmed from the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987.”

In 2007, Hamas overthrew the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip stirring Israel and Egypt to implement a blockade of the region.

Moed recognized the condemnation from Trudeau, Joly, and Poilievre and appealed to the international community to prevent other players in the region from exploiting this crisis against Israel.

“We will convey harsh lessons to the instigators of this attack,” he warned, “We are prepared for a prolonged attack — a prolonged operation — to obliterate the threat that originates from Hamas.”

According to Global Affairs Canada, there are currently 1,419 Canadians registered in Israel with another 492 checked in the Palestinian territories.

All Canadian staff at the Embassy of Canada to Israel in Tel Aviv, along with those in Ramallah in the West Bank, have been confirmed “safe and accounted for,” the spokesperson added. No casualties or injuries involving Canadians have been reported.

“With the service registration being voluntary, it fails to provide a complete image of Canadians situated abroad, nor an estimate of the number of Canadians who intend to stay or leave,” according to the spokesperson.

The Canadian government has revised its travel advisory for Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip considering the recent attack. Canadians are urged to restrict their movements, maintain high vigilance, monitor local media, await safer conditions before venturing out, follow directives from local authorities, and download alert apps.

Canadians residing overseas are also encouraged to register themselves with the government.