Canada Shines at Second, Switzerland Reigns in 2023’s Best Countries Rankings


In annual rankings compiled for the year 2023, Canada has been recognized as the second-best country to inhabit, closely following the reigning champion Switzerland. This evaluation, led by the reputable U.S. News, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and communications giant WPP, utilized a comprehensive examination procedure that encompassed a multitude of dimensions, from economic and military prowess to quality of life indices.

The assessment itself cast a broad net – drawing responses from over 17,000 global citizens across 87 countries. Individuals provided insights based on an extensive criteria split into ten subrankings such as power, cultural influence, heritage, and societal impact. The resulting output informed the creation of a list enumerating the world’s top countries, with an associated subranking list of almost 100.

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Canada’s elevation to the second spot in the worldwide list can be attributed to its remarkable agility, as noted in the report thereby surpassing Germany in the rankings. However, it still falls short of the ultimate spot, currently held by Switzerland. Canada also retained its place in the top five for three other categories, inclusive of quality of life. Its commitment to racial equity is marked by securing the first position in such a specific attribute.

Switzerland, on the other hand, continues to remain ahead of the pack for the second year in a row, marking its overall sixth victory. The country’s commendable performance in the ‘Open for Business’ subcategory exemplifies its robust economy. In addition, Switzerland’s perceived safety in the eyes of global citizens earned it the top position in that attribute.

Sweden follows at the third position escalating two spots up from its previous year’s rank. The country claimed its No. 1 spot in two sub-categories – social purpose and quality of life, while also securing its standing in the top ten across three sub-rankings.

Australia, another notable mention, has made remarkable strides forward, jumping three spots to claim the fourth position. The United States, a close neighbour to the north of Canada, assumed the fifth position, albeit experiencing a marginal fall in rankings compared to 2022. Nevertheless, the U.S managed to lead three significant subcategories – Entrepreneurship, power, and agility.

The ranks that followed included – Japan (6), Germany (7), New Zealand (8), the United Kingdom (9), and the Netherlands (10), followed by Norway, France, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Portugal making the grade as the top 25 best countries in 2023.