Canada Pledges $33 Million to Facilitate Missile Dispatch to Ukraine


In its recent endeavors, Canada has pledged to extend its support to a three-month-old multinational initiative, joining hands with key global allies to facilitate the dispatch of air defence missiles to Ukraine. Defence Minister Bill Blair, during his visit to the UK, confirmed Canada’s financial involvement of $33 million. This announcement was made at the Lydd Military Training Camp, where Canadian soldiers have been actively participating in the training of Ukrainian recruits.

This financial aid has been channelled from a $500 million fund, specifically set aside by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for military reinforcement in Ukraine. The announcement of this fund was made back in June 2023.

In the same month, the UK, Denmark, Netherlands and the United States had collaboratively facilitated the delivery of numerous short- and medium-range air defence missiles. This formation of an international support system for Ukraine was strategically planned to empower the country in safeguarding itself against potential Russian missile and drone attacks.

The Canadian Armed Forces, over the course of nearly one year, have been managing training modules at Lydd for approximately 2,600 Ukrainian recruits. The training program encompasses a wide range of subjects, including weapons handling, battlefield first aid, and patrol tactics.

Canada’s aid contributions to Ukraine have been nothing short of significant. Over the span of the last 18 months, this amount totals $8 billion. Out of this, $1.8 billion has been allocated for military assistance, comprising of provisions such as weapons, ammunition, military vehicles, drone cameras and winter garments.


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