Canada and the West Island elects the Liberal Party of Canada – AGAIN

Liberals launch new program to encourage young people to volunteer
Photo:Canadian Press

The Liberal Party of Canada will form a minority government having won, at the time of publication, 157 seats of the 170 seats required to be positioned as majority government. The West Island goes red across the region.

Justin Trudeau will become the 24th Prime Minister of Canada. While the Libs lost support and seats, they did not lose government.  The Bloc and Tories made some headway with the Bloc potentially holding the balance of power.   The conservatives will act as the official opposition.


Canada Elects Justin Trudeau again!

West Island Results

Riding: Pierrefonds-Dollard

Candidates: Zuberi, Ishak, El-Khoury, Henri, Mintz, Weishar, Khan, Plante.

Winner: Sameer Zuberi with a 56% of the voting share

Riding: Lac-Saint-Louis

Candidates: Scarpaleggia, Francis, Chevalier, Benoît, Kona-Mancini, Charles, Coelho, de Martign.

Winner: Francis Scarpaleggia with 58% of voting share.

Riding: Dorval-Lachine-LaSalle

Candidates: Dhillon, LaQuerre, Morrison, Vaudry, Malette, Torbati, Hu, Watso.

Winner: Aju Dhillion with 53% of the voting share

2019 Federal Election Facts

This wraps up the 43rd Canadian general election consisting of 6 different political parties all fighting for a seat in Ottawa. The 40 day campaign included the Liberal Party of Canada attempting to hold their majority government in Parliament. The Conservative Party with Andrew Scheer, the New Democratic Party with Jagmeet Singh, the Green Party with Elizabeth May, the Bloc Québécois with Yves-François Blanchet and the People’s Party with Maxime Bernier were confronting the occupant Liberal government.

The House of Commons includes 338 seats throughout the country and 170 seats are needed to win a majority.


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