Why Canada is the Best Place to Study


As the English men once said, east-west home is best. Many people are proud of their countries and always consider them the best places on earth. Different countries have different things which make them stand out. However, there are people who cannot settle in a particular place and opt to look around for a much comfortable place to reside in. This is because there might be trouble in paradise and safety always comes first. Therefore, these people opt to find new residences. One of the most preferred countries that people choose to live in is Canada. Being the second biggest country in the world, its people are quite receptive and its atmosphere is indeed welcoming. Qualifying for residency is also easy especially when you are equipped with skills, are a native English speaker and have got some work experience. This grants you the opportunity to reside anywhere of your choice within the country.

Additionally, the Canadian government invests a lot to ensure new residents get to settle and benefit from the high quality of life. It serves to ensure new citizens are comfortable with their new lives in a new country. Canada has low inflation rates compared to other countries making it easier for its citizens to survive therefore making the living conditions suitable and affordable. Moreover, job opportunities are available in Canada. It is easier to be employed something which many students ought to consider. Canada values the essence of education and strives to ensure that it comes first. The quality of education in Canada is indeed great and students there are not only fluent English speakers but also perform well than those of other countries.

Top Reasons why Canada is the best country for studying

Education is key to success. Every country seeks to empower its citizens but not all believe that education is good enough factor to grow their economy. Unlike such countries, the Canadian government strives to ensure that much money is spent on education since it values the essence of education. Additionally, there is an availability of scholarship opportunities to go and study in Canada. According to experts from essayzoo.org, below are some reasons why Canada is the best place to study:

● World class education. Education in Canada is recognized globally. Canada is highly ranked when it comes to the quality and superiority of its educational system. Choosing to study in Canada provides you with an opportunity to join one of the top 100 universities in the world.

● Develops your work experience after graduation. There are a plenty of job opportunities in Canada. After graduation, employment opportunities come easy since the government has collaborated with the private sector to ensure that well-performing students are guaranteed employment. This grants you an opportunity to continue staying in Canada while expanding and developing yourself professionally.

● Low cost of living. As a student, you do not earn that much money as a working class individual. However, Canada has a low cost of living due its low inflation rates. For a student, one will, therefore, not be strained financially and you will be able to focus on your studies only.

● Secure nation. Crime rates have steadily decreased in Canada. The safety of students in campuses is prioritized. This makes learning and staying in Canada safer for you and you do not have to worry about anything.

● Proper health care. Canada’s healthcare is publicly funded. The government strives to ensure that the citizens are medically taken care of when sick and pays for their medical bills.

● Excellent quality of life. Internationally, Canada is known to be among the best places to live. Survey conducted by the United Nations confirms this as true. The quality of life in Canada differs with that of other countries. With its low cost of living, many people tend to enjoy life in Canada.

● Value of education. Education in Canada is renowned for its quality and dominance. The government values education and spends more money on it than any other activity in the country.

● Bilingual nation. While English is spoken by the largest portion of people in Canada, French is also considered an official language. Choosing to study in Canada not only helps you develop your language skills but also helps increase your interests in future career choices.

● Natural beauty. Being the second biggest country in the world, Canada has naturally beautiful scenes. During the four seasons, you can explore the country and witness beautiful sceneries. Canada has a throng of landscapes, original beaches on islands, impressive fjords among others making it naturally scenic.

● Tech wave. Canada is famously known for being the first country to link its schools to the internet through its innovative School Net Program. Technology is very strong in Canada. You can access Wi-Fi practically anywhere. This offers you the opportunity to enjoy the technology heave in Canada.

In conclusion, Canada is indeed one of the best places to live on earth. Choosing to study in Canada not only enables you to enjoy the pleasantries that come with being in Canada but also learn and develop yourself intellectually.


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