Can Certain Foods Help to Beat Inflammation?


Chronic inflammation can be as a result of years of wear and tear, lack of vital nutrients and exercise, environmental toxins and chronic stress resulting in a body that attacks itself (autoimmune diseases).

The best approach for those attained and ones who would like to prevent such a challenge to health is to maximize vital nutrients and protective antioxidants, reducing stress and getting fresh air and exercise.

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Antioxidants are beneficial food compounds that we can harness for their potential as scavengers of free radicals, the culprits involved in causing our bodies oxidative stress, resulting in inflammation and disease.

Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can certainly provide many antioxidants like vitamins and also minerals required for optimal health.

Following a Mediterranean way of eating, for example, where the emphasis is on vegetables, fruits, good fats, whole grains and fish has been shown to be effective in promoting wellness.

Antioxidants are vital for health.

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Health tip:  Antioxidants found in foods can be a bit tricky as some are sensitive to heat (like vitamin C) so raw is great, while others like beta-carotene are augmented with heat so better steamed.