Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Welcome Newborn Son, Cardinal Madden into the World


It’s the dawn of a new era for silver screen siren Cameron Diaz and her rockstar husband Benji Madden; joyous news has broken that they have recently welcomed a delightful addition to their loving household. Nestled among the accolades and fame is their cherished newborn son, Cardinal Madden – a name sure to make headlines.

Beaming with joy and clad in the armor of parenthood, Diaz and Madden could hardly contain their elation, taking to Instagram to share their good news with the world this past Friday. With proud words and hearts swelling with parental pride, they wrote, “He is awesome and we are all so happy he is here!”

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However, ever protective of their fledgling, they chose not to reveal his image to the world. The spirited couple maintained their intention to safeguard their children’s privacy in earnest, electing not to post any photos of their newborn son. Instead, they painted a picture with words, attesting that the baby Cardinal is “really cute.”

Feeling powerfully moved by this transformative moment in their lives, the couple affirmed, “We are feeling so blessed and grateful,” adding a charming touch to their announcement with the enchanting illustration of the phrase, “A little bird whispered to me.”

Reminiscent of the birth of their daughter Raddix in 2020, the couple used the social media platform as their stage, choosing to remain private about their family’s intimate details. The star-studded couple, known for their commitment to safeguarding their family’s sanctity, did not release any additional images or personal details, an echo of their firm belief in privacy.

Transcending their respective worlds of film and music, Diaz and Madden have united since their marriage in 2015. Diaz, celebrated for her roles in iconic films including “There’s Something About Mary” and “Charlie’s Angels,” and Madden, one of the talented members of the rock band Good Charlotte, have danced a tango between fame and family for years.

In the wake of their joyous announcement, representatives for both Diaz and Madden did not immediately respond to requests for further comment. Their silence speaks volumes about the couple’s intent to celebrate and cherish these moments in their tightly-knit family’s life, away from the limelight.