Cambridge Park Eviction Crisis: Residents Scramble Amid Legal Threats and Unsettling Future


The tranquil atmosphere of Soper Park in Cambridge has been rudely disturbed as inhabitants commenced packing up their belongings, departing hastily to sidestep impending legal consequences. Just recently, these dwellers were served with trespassing notices from the City of Cambridge which outlined potential charges and fines set to be instigated in the ensuing week.

Reportedly, at least four individuals have found new abodes, but a major proportion of these city dwellers remain on hold, grappling with several constraints. “Regrettably, we’re still just sorting things out. A good number of residents still persist on this site. Several have managed to relocate, but it certainly isn’t a simple or swift transition,” commented Regan Sunshine Brusse, an advocate for housing and homelessness.

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This make-shift arrangement had become a haven for as many as 50 individuals. However, predicaments similar to the one previously observed at 150 Main St, which was ultimately cleared, create an air of imminent concern. As Erin Dej of the Unsheltered Campaign articulates, “There’s perennial anxiety about encampment evictions potentially leading to police involvement, further risking the criminalization of the dwellers.”

The City of Cambridge affirmed that housing services and backup were helmed by the outreach team of the Region of Waterloo. Despite facilitating connection to community sustenance and accommodation spaces, they face serious criticism, with skeptics doubting whether the evacuees are being presented with suitable resettlement options.

Proponents called into question the nature of the alternatives extended, asserting that the proposed solutions were not capable of accommodating unique individual circumstances, a problem compounded by those with pets or companions they wished not to part with.

The existing situation has also necessitated the organization of resources to aid in the relocation. Transition equipment like U-Hauls are expected to make an appearance, offering assistance to those needing to transfer their objects.

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