Cambridge Home Invasion: Knife-Wielding Teenager Assaults Family, Attacks Police


A shocking case of a violent home invasion has left a tranquil Cambridge neighbourhood shaken. An alarm was raised in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, around 3:40 a.m, when a man forced entry into a dwelling armed with a knife and assaulted its inhabitants. This unsettling event occurred in the neighbourhood nestled between Bayne Crescent and Burnett Avenue, reported the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS).

In a chilling recount of events, one of the occupants, who wishes to remain anonymous, narrated his ordeal. In the dead of night, he was awoken by sharp sounds from outside. The disturbance continued with aggressive knocking on the front door. As his son went to investigate, the intruder pushed forcefully through the breached glass door and started threatening them, wielding a large knife.

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“He broke through the glass door forcefully, stormed inside, brandishing a large knife,” relayed our unnamed survivor. The man described a struggle where the assailant attacked his son but was subdued after a fight. “My son managed to disarm him, pushing him to the ground, and pinning him down,” he added, fighting back tears.

The police were alerted and responded promptly, confirmed the victims. But in a wild turn of events, the 73-year old man, a 68-year-old woman, and a 36-year-old man fled their house as the suspect reached for shards of broken glass. Police reported an assault on their officers by the suspect, who then secured himself in his vehicle.

“He attempted to ram multiple cruisers to escape after surrounding his vehicle, but the officers were able to gain access and arrest the young male,” narrated WRPS Const. Melissa Quarrie. The apprehended 19-year-old suspect from Cambridge had to be submitted to a hospital following the use of a stun gun, before being detained for a bail hearing.

Although the victims were injured during these horrifying proceedings, it was clarified that their injuries were non-fatal. Now, the suspect is answering to 15 charges, a list that includes breaking and entering, three counts each of assault with a weapon and assaulting police with a weapon, and impaired operation.

“Absolutely terrifying. Like a scene right out of a thriller,” admitted Abdul Darsot, a neighbour who heard the chaos. Police have successfully arrested the man yet there is increasing concern about break-ins in the Waterloo Region.

“While I can’t conclude if there’s a surge in break-ins, 748 residential theft reports have been filed in the Waterloo Region this year,” observed Quarrie. The police extend a piece of advice to maintain safety: always ensure doors and windows are locked, consider installing a sturdy metal or wood door with a deadbolt and should anyone experience a break-in, do not engage with the intruder but call the police and seek safe shelter.