Cambridge Firefighters Honor 9/11 Heroes with Monumental Stair Climb Event


In a stirring tribute to the lives tragically cut short in the 9/11 terror attacks more than two decades ago, firefighters from Cambridge ensconced themselves in their full gear and embarked on an imposing journey of virtual ascent. Utilizing StairMasters at a local fitness center, this year’s inaugural Firefighters’ Stair Climb echoed the titanic struggle faced by the New York firefighters on that fateful day.

The location was the Cambridge Crunch Fitness, where over 20 off-duty firefighters convened on a Monday evening. Their collective mission was to climb the equivalent of 110 floors, a poignant reflection of the number of floors New York’s bravest had to climb in an effort to rescue innocent lives on 9/11.

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The rhythmic stride of local firefighters in tandem with gym members who volunteered their services manifested fine teamwork. Each participant persevered for approximately 20 to 30 minutes before yielding to a teammate. The entire endeavor aimed to bolster the local firefighters’ basket fund, an initiative designed to aid struggling families during the holiday season.

One participant, Cambridge firefighter Kristin Sutton, expressed her sense of honor to commemorate the brave, the gallant men and women of 9/11, those who perished and those who are living with the enduring effects of that day. The toughness of the task, made even more challenging by the encumbrance of their gear, was well anticipated and practiced to ensure safety.

The collaborative motives jumped boundaries as the staff at Crunch Fitness also assisted in conceiving the event, with backing from the Cambridge Professional Firefighters Association. The remembrance of the sacrifices made on 9/11, a catastrophic event which claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people including 24 Canadians, remained paramount.

Carolina Pia, Crunch Fitness representative, reiterated the significance of remembering this global tragedy and the importance of the lessons learned on that fateful day. The steadfast aspiration of the organizers is to inspire sibling Crunch establishments to hold similar stair-climbing challenges in the ensuing years. This act of homage is seen not only as a tribute to the ones lost, but also as a torch of inspiration to carry forward into the future.