Cambridge Dog Owner Reunites with Pet Stolen and Listed for Sale Online


A dog owner from Cambridge breathed a sigh of relief when he was reunited with his pet that had been mischievously whisked away from his property in plain daylight. The incident was captured by his security camera, adding a sense of bewilderment to the story.

Brandon Kecser narrated how the ordeal happened just before 5 p.m. on a Sunday. He had tethered Polar, his beloved seven-month-old Pyrenees puppy, outside while he prepared dinner in the house. When he returned outside after about ten minutes, Polar had mysteriously vanished.

Initially, Kecser thought Polar had somehow released himself and had taken off on a spirited adventure. To trace the direction in which the dog had wandered, he inspected the footage from his security camera. His bemusement quickly turned to shock when the footage showed two unfamiliar individuals seemingly enticing Polar away from his property. The security camera recorded their attempt to coax the dog, their voices calling out to him to approach.

Furthering the complexity of the situation, Kecser spotted that Polar’s collar was absent. Realizing that someone must have unclipped the leash, his sentiments spiralled from confusion to anger. A subsequent security video confirmed his worst fears: it showed the two strangers indifferently strolling away, with Polar trailing behind them. This audacious act of thieving his pet in broad daylight left Kecser astounded.

As far as Kecser and his wife were concerned, Polar was not just a pet – he was part of their family. Bred and brought home from Europe, they loved Polar like their own child, making this situation roughly equivalent to a kidnapping.

His intentions focused on retrieving Polar, Kecser promptly contacted a local volunteer-run group known as Ground Search and Rescue KW. The group, along with other concerned residents, diligently worked to spot Polar. Their efforts paid off when Kecser, who had been walking a kilometer down Main Street in Cambridge, heard the familiar bark he had been longing for. Recognizing the sound, he approached a window of an apartment building. His happiness knew no bounds when he saw Polar excitedly scratching at the window upon hearing his voice. Kecser quickly dialled 911, and the family was joyfully reunited with their lost pet within a span of three hours.

However, the enlightenment about the motive behind the theft was a disturbing revelation. The miscreant who had taken Polar away had snapped a photograph of him and attempted to sell him online within minutes of the theft. Keeping in mind the quick turnaround time, Kecser couldn’t help but dread the thought of what could have happened had Polar not been found promptly.

The incident significantly unsettled the family, making them more security-conscious than ever. Kecser plans to install additional security cameras around his property. His discomfort increased when considering the audacious behavior of the criminals who had trespassed on his property. Furthermore, the formerly outgoing Polar demonstrated a visible change in behavior, showing a newfound reluctance towards approaching strangers.

Having undergone a distressing experience, the family resolved to prevent future incidents. They decided they wouldn’t allow Polar to remain alone outside, even for brief periods. Following the harrowing incident, they aim to maintain a closer watch over their beloved pet to ensure his safety at all times.


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