California Mysterious Millionaire Claims Half of $395M Mega Millions Jackpot


In a thrilling development that has left Californians on the edge of their seats, it has been announced that the sought-after prize of half of the whopping $395 million Mega Millions jackpot has finally been claimed. The winner, breaking a long string of failed attempts, has opened a new chapter in the history of the California Lottery, notoriously known for its elusive jackpots.

This massive fortune was tied to one of two winning tickets that, in a remarkable stroke of luck, were purchased from the same store in Encino. Following a suspense-charged waiting period of nearly seven months, authorities have now shed light on the identity of the lucky individual. This individual, known only as F. Lahijani, has been revealed to be the fortunate winner of this unparalleled prize. Still shrouded in mystery, further details about this newly-minted millionaire remain scarce.

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As fortune would have it, both winning slips were purchased on December 8 from a Chevron gas station, situated on 18081 Ventura Boulevard in Encino. These tickets matched all six numbers, successfully cracking the jackpot. The event marks an unprecedented occurrence in the annals of the California Lottery.

The good fortune didn’t stop with the winners alone. Retailers are also rewarded handsomely for selling the winning lottery tickets. The California Lottery rewards any ticket retailer selling a prize-valued ticket of $1 million or more with a sizeable bonus, a gravy that trickles down from the lottery’s colossal prize money. In this case, the mighty windfall enveloped the minimart that sold the winning tickets, as they received a bonus exceeding $1.9 million – an all-time record.

“This outstanding bounty results from the sheer good fortune of the store selling two jackpot-winning tickets through two separate transactions,” declared Caroyln Becker, the spokesperson for California Lottery. She added, “This is an unprecedented occurrence and we extend our hearty felicitations to the owners of this lucky retail outlet!”

Winners of the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have a period of one year from the date of the draw to stake their claim on the prize. With one winner now in the limelight, all eyes turn to the winner of the other ticket sold that night, who is still basking in anonymity, yet to claim their half of the jackpot, amounting to a dizzying sum of $197 million.