California Governor Bans School Textbook Removal Over Inclusive Content


On Monday, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom enacted a noteworthy bill prohibiting school boards from discarding textbooks on account of the racial, sexual orientation, and gender identity inclusivity displayed within their teachings.

Deeming the step a “long overdue” measure, Newsom expressed his stance against those attempting to skew history and eliminate books in learning institutions across the nation. He conveyed, “From Temecula to Tallahassee, fringe ideologues across the country are attempting to whitewash history and ban books from schools.” Under this fresh legislative act, California is cemented as a stronghold of freedom, a place where households retain the liberty to make decisions fitting to their preferences and values, unhindered by political extremes.

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Effectuated instantly, this law arrives in the wake of disquieting nationwide censorship and book-banning debates which are particularly rife within highly conservative educational contexts. Such cases frequently stem from disagreements over depictions of sexuality and the evolution of LGBTQ+ narratives in textbooks.

This issue notably peaked when a Southern California school board vetoed a social studies curriculum highlighting Harvey Milk’s contributions – a renowned San Francisco politician and advocate for gay rights. Yet, a statewide mandate from 2011 stipulates that the historical input of gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals must be taught in schools.

Following the board’s decision, Newsom issued a $1.5 million fine warning, leading to an eventual approval of a revised curriculum aligning with statewide expectations. This new law prevents school boards from banning instructional substances or library books which offer “inclusive and diverse perspectives in compliance with state law.”

The bill was passed in the state Legislature following intense discussions surrounding the influence of the state in locally-approved syllabi and the means to guarantee students access to accurate, varied historical portrayals.

Additionally, Newsom endorsed a complementary bill to heighten penalties for child traffickers on the same day. Despite initial objections due to child victim implications, changes were implemented to protect victims, setting a clear demarcation between traffickers and their victims.

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