Calgary’s Annual Run for the Cure Raises Mammoth $785,000 for Breast Cancer Research


On the first Sunday of October, Calgary teemed with enthusiasm as thousands of spirited participants took part in the annual ‘Run for the Cure’ event. They came together from various parts of the country, stretching their muscles in the early morning chill near Southcentre, ready to hit the pavement.

The event, which successfully raised a mammoth $785,000 in the city of Calgary alone this year, is a beacon of hope and lending support for a cause of national concern, raising funds for research and programmes aimed at improving the lives of those bravely battling breast cancer.

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Breast cancer, an unwelcome fact of life synonymous with the lives of one in every eight women, saw these participants rallying with fervour. They resolutely hoped their contribution would impact the journeys of those living under the shadow of this distressing prognosis.

Claire Galoska, a resilient participant, imparted her poignant tale, hiking support and spreading awareness for the significant cause. Engaged with the event for over a decade, her commitment gained a new dimension last year when she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

“I took part in the Run for the Cure primarily on behalf of my dear friend and colleague who was diagnosed with stage four metastatic cancer in her twenties,” said Galoska. “This year, however, participating took a personal turn. I desired to share my narrative, emphasizing that young women too get impacted by breast cancer.”

According to Galoska, the Canadian Cancer Society and CIBC have embarked on a commendable effort in directing substantial funds toward metastatic cancer and overall breast cancer research. She believes in the power of such efforts to mitigate the prevalence of the disorder while aiding in early detection.

This year’s event contributed over $785,000 to this vital cause, marking the 32nd successful year of Run for the Cure. Participants take to the streets each year with renewed vigor and an unwavering aim of fostering an environment where breast cancer may someday be a thing of past. Strengthened by events like the Run for the Cure, the city of Calgary stands stronger and more resolute in its fight against breast cancer.