Calgary Stabbing Victim Remembered, Family Calls for Enhanced Transit Security


On a somber Sunday night, a vigil was held in memory of Tristan Anderson, a compassionate Calgary resident known as a devoted son, brother, and friend. Brutally stabbed at Marlborough Ctrain station, the aftermath of his sudden demise still echoes in the hearts of those who loved him.

Tristan’s mother, Heather, remembered him as a benevolent soul who was always willing to assist those in need, regardless of their circumstance. “No matter your predicament, even if he possessed nothing, Tristan would find a way to assist,” she reflected.

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Aged just 28, Tristan was returning home via the Marlborough Station last Saturday to join his mother when the terrible attack occurred. Responding officers discovered Tristan grappling with severe injuries. Despite immediate hospital care, his life could not be saved.

Reflecting on their last conversation Heather said, “The night before, as he was about to leave around 9 pm to catch the LRT, I told him to be safe. He reassured me, ‘Don’t worry Ma, I’m fine.’ I had no idea that it was our last conversation.”

Authorities are of the belief that the heinous crime was a targeted attack. Six individuals were apprehended in relation to the incident with only 19-year-old Theran Keurin Rodrick Dixon remaining in custody, charged with second-degree murder.

On the platform of the Marlborough Station, right where Tristan was fatally attacked, loved ones gathered for a vigil, rallying behind a call for enhanced transit security. Heather expressed her exasperation with the urgency of the matter.

“What does it take to make society act? A tragedy like this should never occur. It’s ridiculous that people have to worry for their safety while boarding a train,” she declared passionately.

In agreement, Kelly Sundberg, a renowned criminologist, noted that while the authorities are making strides, it is critical to address the root causes of such incidents. Highlighting the need for increased public safety, mental health solutions, and strategies to curtail criminal activities, he emphasized, “The unfortunate demise of this young man is a stark reminder of the escalating need for security and safety.”

While the sorrow for the loss of her son is vast and deep, Heather is motivated and resolute. She promises to speak out and fight for justice, vowing to not stop until she sees the necessary changes to prevent future incidents.

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