Calgary Resident Pleads Guilty to 2014 Manslaughter of Colton Crowshoe


In a somber courtroom on Wednesday, Wiley Su Provost, a resident of Calgary, chose to plead guilty to the charge of manslaughter in connection with the 2014 death of 18-year-old Colton Crowshoe. This decision came about following extensive negotiations between the Crown prosecutors and Provost’s defence attorneys.

Provost, a man of 29 years, had originally been set to face trial on charges of second-degree murder. His arrest in July 2022 had occurred without a struggle, mere weeks after earnest pleas for answers were made by the detectives on the case, as well as by members of the Crowshoe family.

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“It is not just Colton who Wiley victimized today, it is all of us,” stated Nicole Johnston, Colton’s aunt, emphasizing the blow to their tight-knit family. She fondly remembered Colton as a young man brimming with kindness, generosity, and humor, always lighting up any room he entered.

However, emotions run high within the Crowshoe family. Some, including Lillian Crowshoe, express their frustration at the manslaughter plea, viewing it as an inadequate punishment that is barely a slap on the wrist.
“I’m not pleased with this outcome, not at all,” she voiced, expressing her readiness to begin the healing process, but her unresolved feelings of anger and sorrow.

In a surge of emotion, Crowshoe’s grandmother bared the grief her family has borne for nearly a decade, a family eternally shattered by the senseless loss of this young life. “

On July 4, 2014, Crowshoe attended a party in the northeast Calgary community of Abbeydale. A few days later, he went missing. His lifeless body was later discovered three weeks later in a water retention pond near Stoney Trail and 16th Avenue N.E.

The case perplexed investigators for nearly eight years, with the puzzle pieces finally starting to fit together in court on Wednesday. Court records and an agreed-upon statement of facts revealed the tragic sequence of events after Crowshoe and Provost left the house party. The final moments of Crowshoe’s life unfolded in a grassy area near the retention pond, where an altercation with Provost had deadly repercussions.

Provost admitted to initiating the assault, an attack that resulted in Collton’s death due to neck compression. Following the assault, he disposed of the body by submerging it into the nearby retention pond.

Provost’s unexpected admission of guilt did not occur in isolation. In April 2022, during a routine traffic stop, Provost’s stepmother confessed to law enforcement that Provost had admitted to killing Colton. This admission ended the scheduled jury trial, leading to a Gladue report being ordered for Provost.

He will remain in custody awaiting a court appearance on December 6, to ensure that the pre-sentencing report has been initiated and plan a date of sentencing. Now, the family of Crowshoe can only hope for justice, still seeking healing for the wounds inflicted nearly a decade ago.