Calgary Police Intensify Cold Case Probe with Bragg Creek Search Operation


The Calgary police have been methodically scouring a rural property in Bragg Creek, Alberta, deploying both police dogs and ground-penetrating radar in a relentless search connected to a longstanding missing persons case. The exact case remains unspecified, although it is known to be several decades old.

This multi-day operation unfolds along Highway 762 and just south of Township Road 221A, as law enforcement officers comb the area for potential human remains. However, as of the recent update given at a news conference by Staff Sgt. Sean Gregson from the Calgary Police Service’s major crimes section, no significant discoveries have been made.

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Gregson emphasized the importance of their mission, fueled by reliable incoming information: “We understand there are families out there desperate for answers, and it’s our solemn duty to provide closure. While we’re pursuing all possible leads, we’re confident in the credibility of this current lead and will exhaust every measure to follow through.”

The current occupants of the property have been deemed uninvolved in the case and have been fully cooperative with the ongoing investigation. Gregson further clarified that, in their understanding, previous property owners are not implicated, stating that the location was likely chosen out of convenience.

Gregson revealed that the investigation centers around a single missing individual previously investigated under a Calgary file. However, the specific timeline of the search operation remains uncertain, depending on potential new discoveries or changes in the current state of the investigation.

The police’s unwavering commitment to resolving cold cases provides a glimmer of hope for those left searching for answers. Brad Resvick, whose brother Paul went missing 14 years ago under suspicious circumstances, has been tirelessly seeking closure. He expressed his wish to lay his brother to rest next to their mother, and the search in Bragg Creek offers hope of an end to the unresolved case.

“It’s a nightmare. It’s something that haunts you for the rest of your days,” he said, via a painful reflection of living in the unknown.

This extensive investigative effort underscores a critical message, says Temitope Oriola, a professor of criminology and sociology at the University of Alberta. He believes such tireless pursuits demonstrate the unrelenting reach of the law in its quest for justice, especially in cases involving possible loss of human life.

The Calgary police continue to appeal to the public for any information pertaining to their investigations. These pleas highlight the pressing need to gather any available tips, even those that potential informants might assume are already known to law enforcement. As Gregson voiced, any reliable information will invariably be pursued by the Calgary police, marking a crucial step towards truth and closure.