Calgary and Edmonton Warned of Record-Breaking Wildfire Smoke Hazards


In an unprecedented environmental event, an exclusive air quality notification was disseminated for the cities of Calgary and Edmonton on Sunday promptly following the 10 a.m. mark. The cautionary bulletin informed the residents that hazardous effects of smoke, instigated by wildfire, are foreseeably producing harmful air conditions and curtailing overall visibility.

The notification stressed that the concentration of the wildfire smoke is highly variable, frequently altering over short distances and potentially changing on an hourly basis. The inhabitants were strongly counseled to cease all outdoor activities immediately if they, or anyone in their charge, begin experiencing detrimental physical responses. These include, but are not limited to, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, dizziness, excessive coughing, and wheezing.

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In a new report by Environment Canada, it has been revealed that Calgary has now set a grim record for the highest number of smoke hours ever registered in one year. By Sunday afternoon in 2023, Calgary had reported visibility falling under ten kilometers for an alarming total of 453 hours due to smoke – a figure that eclipses the previous records set in 2018 and 2021, which were at 450 and 439 hours respectively.

The air quality index further forecasts that Calgary could encounter a “10 plus” rating by Sunday evening, a score that hits the high-risk category. The thick shroud of smoke that is currently blanketing the skies is predicted to persist throughout Monday night, indicating a continuation of this dire environmental situation.