Caleb’s Superhero Fundraiser Makes Triumphant Return in Westmount


After an agonizing four-year hiatus, the Petersfield Park in Westmount, N.S., once again resonated with the vivacious energy of the Caleb’s Superhero ‘Walk, Run and Fly’ fundraising event.

“We cherish these moments of coming together,” Nicole MacArthur, Caleb MacArthur’s mother, expressed with teary eyes.

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Caleb’s annual Walk, Run and Fly event was disrupted by post-tropical storm Fiona last year, and previously by the global pandemic in the two preceding years. The predicaments, however, only amplified the determination of Caleb’s parents. Since losing their son to cancer and establishing the Caleb’s Courage movement in 2015, the event symbolizes a beacon of hope to them.

“It is a day our son would have relished,” said Caleb’s father, Mike MacArthur. “Caleb took great pleasure in socializing and he genuinely appreciated the innocence and joy of little children, especially those donning superhero costumes.”

Amidst the shared grief and determination, the event was a grand testimony to community resilience and the power of collective support. Families, united by the unfair battle faced by their little warriors against childhood cancer, arrived to demonstrate solidarity toward each other.

Faces painted with resolve walked along the nature soaked path, sporting sweatshirts and other articles representing local initiatives like Molly’s Mission, Team Leo, and Leigh-Anne’s Legacy.

“For us, this event is life itself,” admitted Jeff Wadden, founder of Molly’s Mission, born from his daughter Molly’s cancer battle. “Caleb’s Courage assists so many critically ill children. Our presence here is non-negotiable.”

The superhero theme of the event brought a sense of formidable spirit and a dash of whimsical joy to the occasion.

The day concluded with the crowd swaying gently to a tune dedicated to Caleb’s cause, written by local artist Alton MacKinnon. The MacArthur family set their fundraising goal at a hopeful $25,000, intending to funnel the donations towards pediatric assistance via the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation.

Upon reflecting on the spectacular turnout, “Caleb’s comeback” couldn’t have possibly been more successful.

“This day has Caleb’s signature all over it,” said an emotional Nicole MacArthur. “The sunrays shining on us, the overwhelming crowd, it’s all his doing. He’s probably watching over us, his heart swelling with pride.”

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