Caesars Palace to Close Poker Room for High-Stakes Slot Area Expansion


The iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is preparing to bid farewell to its poker room as plans for an extensive refurbishment have been announced. Nestled in the heart of the world-renowned Las Vegas Strip, the establishment is looking at a renovation period of two to three months, according to an internal company memo which recently came to light.

With a targeted shutdown date of July 17th, the treasured poker room, home to 18 tables, will cease dealing its hands for a substantial duration of 60 to 90 days. However, patrons anticipating a gleaming, updated poker arena post refurbishment may have their chips cashed on the wrong bet. Contrary to expectations, the renovation efforts are not focused on the poker room; instead, the spotlight shines on the property’s lucrative high-stakes slot area.

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While it may raise eyebrows among poker aficionados, casinos prove time and again that they can forgo the poker-led earnings with comparable ease, leaning instead on the more lucrative revenue stream offered by high-limit slots. The vacated poker room is set to be repurposed temporarily to house the thriving high-limit slot room during its facelift.

The last hand that will be dealt in the current poker room remains uncertain, mired in ambiguity with the internal memo hinting that “nothing has been decided or set in stone.” Notably, the tentative closure aligns with the final table at the World Series of Poker, hosted by Caesars Entertainment’s sibling properties, the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. The alignment of dates might potentially serve to cushion the effects of the closure, ensuring minimal disruption in a city that seldom sleeps.

The end of poker activities at Caesars Palace also coincides with the cessation of operations at The Mirage. The latter prepares to embark on a transformational journey, embracing a three-year metamorphosis into the next iteration of the illustrious Hard Rock Las Vegas.

Internal indications reveal that a quest to establish a temporary dwelling for the Caesars Palace poker room during the refurbishment period is underway. However, the search for a suitable location within the opulent confines of Las Vegas remains fruitless as of now, with no concrete assurances that a find is on the horizon.

Adding to its venerable legacy, the present poker room at the Caesars Palace first opened a decade ago. It enjoys a prime spot in proximity to the sportsbook and the acclaimed Mesa Grill, an initiation that came just in time as the property’s original poker hub succumbed to the expansion of the erstwhile Pure nightclub.