Caesars Entertainment Prepares for Revenue Shortfall


In its latest financial communiqué, Caesars Entertainment has forecasted a dip in revenues that falls short of Wall Street expectations. As per the preliminary figures laid before investors, the renowned gaming conglomerate is bracing for an earnings shortfall when measured against the stringent yardstick of analysts’ projections. The spotlight on the fourth-quarter financials illuminates a vector where expected revenue hovers between $2.815 billion to $2.835 billion, a noticeable deviation below the anticipated $2.89 billion.

Venturing down the vibrant artery of the Las Vegas Strip, the stance of Caesars as a leading operator is slightly tarnished by a projected dip in revenue to somewhere between $1.088 billion and $1.094 billion—a setback from the $1.154 billion mark set a year prior.

When it comes to the balance sheet, Caesars is staring at a potential fourth-quarter loss flanked by $4 million on the lower end and a worrying $157 million on the upper scale. The EBITDA forecasts chime in with a range of $920 million to $940 million, trailing behind the analysts’ consensus of $957 million. It’s important to note, however, that these figures remain preliminary. Ongoing efforts to close the financial statements for the quarter ending December 31, 2023, may uncover items necessitating adjustments to these tentative outcomes.

In the midst of routine procedural wrap-ups and an incomplete annual tax provision, Caesars finds itself yet to reach definitive conclusions on various valuation assumptions. These pertain to indefinite-lived intangible assets and reporting units connected to the ephemeral value of goodwill. Investors and observers alike have their sights set on February 20, when Caesars is slated to unfurl its comprehensive financial update post-market close.

Amid this snapshot of fiscal reflection, Caesars reported Strip occupancy rates soaring to 97.9%, a leap from the previous year’s 95.5%. However, the congratulations are tamed by the admission of a 65K shortfall in room nights, a casualty of ongoing construction at Caesars Palace and Paris. Moreover, the gaming tables on the Strip have felt a slight chill with a 1% downturn in the table game drop and a decrease in table hold to 21% in comparison to 23% the year before.

Despite the jarring prelude to its fourth-quarter financial performance, Caesars continues to garner favor among some industry analysts, with Steven Wieczynski of Stifel renewing his “buy” rating and upholding a confident $67 price target for the company’s stock. His optimism is kindled by what he perceives as a “best-in-class” management team and the potential for significant free cash flow in a normalized economic climate, bolstering prospects for balance sheet deleveraging and the subsequent investor allure.

Transitioning to the digital platform, Caesars’ online endeavors reflect the broader industry trend of a challenging November impacting the latter part of 2023’s financial journey. Despite an uptick in sports betting and iGaming handle over the same quarter in the prior year, the sports betting hold took an adverse hit during November. The ramifications have been quantified as an estimated $44 million dent in net revenues and a $29 million shortfall in net income and Adjusted EBITDA. Yet, Wieczynski is steadfast in his conviction that the management’s acumen will steer the iGaming and sports betting division towards a lucrative valuation.

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