Caesars Entertainment Criticized for Hosting QAnon Followers for an Event Dubbed as ‘Great Awakening’


Caesars Entertainment’s decision to host QAnon followers in three days is being criticized by experts on terrorism and extremist ideology.
QAnon is a far-right movement that subscribes to a convoluted internet conspiracy theory that an international cabal of Satanists, sex traffickers, and cannibals operate as part of America’s deep state.

QAnon events will be held at Caesars Forum Convention space in Las Vegas beginning on 22nd October to 25th October. The event is organized by a group called Patriotic Voice, and the meeting is referred to as the ‘Great Awakening Weekend” in the promotion.

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QAnon followers claim that Democratic lawmakers and liberal celebrities are planning to establish a secretive New World Order. They also allege that deep state pedophilic conspired to undermine President Donald Trump Presidency.

FBI considers QAnon is a domestic terrorist group. Twenty of its followers were apprehended on 6th January for trying to enter the Capitol.

According to Mia Bloom, a professor at Georgia State University studying terror groups and extremism, Caesar’s decision is not only generating bad publicity but also bringing considerable health risks.

Caesars is hosting thousands of QAnon in its Harrah’s Las Vegas, Flamingo, and LINQ during the conference. Furthermore, QAnon followers are COVID-19 denials.