CADX Officially Listed on Bittrex Global Exchange, Offering Crypto Traders with an Alternative Stablecoins


TechX Technologies Inc. (CSE: TECX) (OTC: TECXF) is a Canadian company that focuses on emerging technologies in growth sectors that include blockchain, crypto, AI, and cloud technologies. The company has recently announced that its investment in CatalX CTS Ltd is successful as its Canadian stablecoin, CADX has officially been listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange. Bittrex is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of liquidity.

The dollar fiat-backed stablecoin CADX was launched in 2020 by in a partnership with Stably, a Seattle-based fintech company. CADX is powered by Stably’s ERC20 smart contract technology, which is audited by US-based QuantStamp blockchain security.

CADX token is fully backed and redeemable for the Canadian dollar. The token is held and managed by a Nevada-based trust company. It is a secure and flexible cryptocurrency but with the stability of fiat.

The new CADX token is leading in cross-border payments and remittance, offering merchant payment solutions. CADT token offers interest-bearing digital wallets, for international remittances, settlements, and forex conversions.

Some of the features of CADX include its ability to be redeemable instantly, 24/7. A CADX wallet that earns interest through leading. Ability to send token from anyone to anywhere at any given time. A bank-grade in the sensitivity in the storage of data. It can easily be integrated with mobile payment and regulated by a trustee under US laws. The transfer is speedy and only for a few pennies.

Jae Park, the Catalyx CEO, expressed his joy at the listing of CADX on Bittrex. Park added that the listing would provide CADX with international exposure and offer crypto traders a flexible and secure alternative stablecoin.


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